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Honeywell HR30

CPU: atmega324pa mu1232

Motor  PA7 - pulled low by lock switch, PD4,PD5 drive an H bridge equiv
LCD backlight, PA6 (through 56R resistor) marked K, PA3 direct marked N
Buttons: PB0,5,6
Rotary Encoder PB4,3
RXD1,TXD1 go close to mini USB style connector on side
RXD0,TXD0 go to missing RF chip

Power,GND,Serial,Reset,Motor,JTAG available without dismantling the unit

HR30 component side

HR30 illustrated back side

Misc notes:

A B - D E F G H I J K L M

A&B connected together - aerial loop
D-H = lcd
D normal
E,F thick
G,H thin

J-M are marked N G A K and are for the backlight