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ByeBye Standby Network Controller

The BBSB Network Controller contains a PIC microcontroller PIC18F4620 attached to AM modulated RX and TX modules on 433.92MHz. All in all, quite a nice piece of kit.

By default (version 2.9) of the firmware contains the ability to convert BBSB RF commands received/transmitted to UDP packets.


The LIA Loader runs on Windows and also under wine (for example on Ubuntu Jaunty) with no issues. It is available as part of the 2.9 firmware download.

IP addresses

This is an absolute mess just now. It is a total guess that the IP settings are stored in the EEPROM as in the Microchip stack code. If they are it would point to BBSB probably using Microchip's TCP stack as well. For the moment I've disabled the saving back down of the EEPROM by commenting out SaveAppConfig in NetworkController.c but not before wiping my own area and hence never knowing what they used to be. There may be other places in the code where this is done, so exercise caution and check the code to prevent a possible wiping of BBSB supplied settings. If someone has a pristine version, then it should be easy enough to dump the values in there out to the network to see what is stored in there. Also, the DisableDHCP call in NetworkController.c is also commented out because I want DHCP to work.

Alternatively, you can set the defaults (setting the MAC as appropriate to match what is on the sticker on the base of your unit) in config.h. This is currently set to Those that are brave can try enabling USE_EEPROM in config.h but note the above.

Even so, regardless of the IP address used (I use subnet), broadcast UDPs still appear to work for receiving and transmitting. 

BBSB protocol

See here for the over the air protocol details.


Stocked by B&Q in the UK. Partially compatible with BBSB in that their sockets can be programmed to respond to BBSB transmitters. They have some products that BBSB just don't do - for example a timed door switch that sends a code on open/close. It would be nice to receive and transmit these kinds of commands.

Replacement firmware

See Hardware details for details for info on the hardware. See BBSB Replacement Firmware for details on how to build the replacement firmware.

Attached is a download to version 0.1 (NetworkController.hex). In an ideal world you would compile this yourself, changing the default mac address etc.

NB This version does NOT support interaction with BBSB website. i.e. you cannot use your existing domia.eu log in to control devices over the internet. This wasn't important for me, so I've not reimplemented. Others are welcome to do so! This isn't the only problem either - so please read all the pages here and decide for yourself. You should be able to reflash to the BBSB firmware - I have been able to.

Network commands

See Network commands page for details on how to interface to the unit.

Quick Howto HomeEasy+BBSB firmware install

Grab official BBSB firmware version 2.9 (or appropriate), and extract.
Run BBS OC Upgrade.exe (runs fine under wine on Ubuntu Jaunty) & press "Capture Target"
Reset BBSBNC (remove power, wait 1 second and plug back in, or echo "R" | nc -u -w 1 domia 69)
In BBS OC Upgrade, select the binary file NetworkController.hex and press Program.
After it is complete, press "Reset LIA"

Quick Howto Reinstate Original Firmware

Run BBS OC Upgrade.exe & press "Capture Target"
Reset BBSBNC (remove power, wait 1 second and plug back in, or echo "R" | nc -u -w 1 domia 69)
In BBS OC Upgrade, select the binary file "Online Controller.2.9.0.hex" (or appropriate) and press Program.
After it is complete, press "Reset LIA".
You should now be running the original 2.9 firmware.


Common sense must apply. The pages here worked for me for the particular hardware I have. Your mileage may vary, but if you break the device please don't complain to me or the original manufacturers. For safety, it would probably be a good idea to backup your device before attempting anything. You'll need something similar to a PicKit2 to do this, lack of care for warranties etc.
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6 Oct 2009 15:26